Pupils display their artistic talents

Following Art Week, which started on 8th December last year, the finished mural is now on display in school and looks amazing!

The central activity for ‘Art Week’ was an ambitious project led by artist Tracy McGuinness-Kelly. She worked with groups of pupils across the whole school to develop artwork around the theme of ‘Learn, Grow, Prosper’ and at the end of the week she took away all the pupils’ work to develop it into three large panels to be displayed in school.

Groups of pupils crafted pictures from hand painted tissue paper and glue to illustrate the theme of ‘Learn, Grow, Prosper’:

  • Learn – the children used letters and numbers and symbols associated with learning
  • Grow – plants, trees and flowers were used to depict growth
  • Prosper – pupils were asked to produce pictures showing their hopes, dreams and aspirations, e.g. what would they like to be when they grow up.

Local artist Tracy McGuiness-Kelly really got the children engaged with the project – the use of brightly coloured hand painted tissue paper and lots of glue was very popular and resulted in some beautiful and striking pieces of work.

Tracy commented: “The children worked really hard, staying on task and providing me with lots of unique, beautiful and individual pieces that I then took back to my studio to incorporate into the larger mural. I have always been drawn to and inspired by children’s art. I love the natural curiosity and their fearless approach.”

The pupils couldn’t wait to see the end result of all this fun and hard work and were delighted when the finished artwork was installed in school last week. Covering two whole walls of the central atrium in the school, the mural is a beautiful and striking display, showing off the artistic talents of the pupils and acting as a permanent reminder of the school values ‘Learn, grow, prosper’.

Mrs Higgins said: “Art Week was a real success for everyone. The children were inspired by the vibrancy of the art materials and produced some fantastic pieces of art. The project really tapped into their imaginations and the finished murals are a visual delight. I can’t thank Tracy enough for leading us through this extraordinary journey into creativity.”


About the artist

Tracy McGuiness-Kelly is a British born artist whose background is mainly in illustration. She was educated at Salford College, receiving a BA in Illustration.

Tracy lived in the US for 16 years, where she worked initially for Hallmark Cards, creating award-winning illustration and design, and then as a freelance illustrator in Brooklyn NY. Her clients included: Starbucks Coffee, Nickelodeon TV, Unicef, Time Warner and Forbes Magazine amongst others. Tracy subsequently secured a two book contract with Little Brown and Company to write and illustrate ‘Bad Cat’ – a series of children’s books which were also translated and published in Japan, South Korea and Portugal.

Now back in the UK, Tracy continues her work as a freelance artist. Her work has naturally moved towards education, where Tracy collaborates with schools to create beautiful vibrant displays that can be directly linked to the curriculum. She is also continuing to develop her beloved ‘Bad Cat’ character as a vehicle for teaching and learning.

You can find out more about Tracy McGuiness-Kelly’s work at www.teeleedesign.com