Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Competition

Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Competition

Thursday 10th March saw our year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby team take part in the Oldham Cluster Competition at Hathershaw School taking on 7 other schools.

The team were very nervous and anxious especially when for a couple of the team members it was their first time either playing tag rugby or representing Werneth.

Werneth got off to a good start with lots of team support. However we became overwhelmed by the occasion and failed to secure a win.

On asking the team what they felt had changed following the first match they said they had talked about their collaboration and cooperation as team mates and being more aware of each other’s positions and roles within the team. This was the theme for the rest of the competition it was just unfortunate that we didn’t secure a win.

At the end of the competition we secured 5th place.

A lesson well learnt and a foundation to be built on. Overall we had great fun.

Very well done Werneth.