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The primary school is open to children from Werneth and its surrounding areas, is non-selective and co-educational. We receive applications for every age group and full admission details, including over-subscriptions, can be found in the admission policy which is available on our policies page.

Published admission numbers:

  • 78 part time places – Nursery
  • 70 full time place – Key Stage 1
  • 70 full time places – Key Stage 2

When your child joins Werneth Primary School, they will have their own class teacher and additional teachers and support staff will work alongside them to help any children whose first language is not English, or those who may have special educational needs.

Children are usually organised according to their age, however, in certain circumstances a child may be placed in a different year group, but only after discussion and agreement with parents.

All classes are mixed ability and teachers use various groupings to cater for the needs and abilities of all the children.

Apply for a place at Werneth Primary School

For admission to Werneth Primary School, parents should apply using Oldham Council’s schools admission process.

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For further information on admissions, please speak to Oldham Council.

Need to Appeal a School Place Decision?

Werneth Primary School Admissions Appeals are managed by Oldham Council. Please refer to Oldham Council’s website for information and timetables for organising and hearing admissions appeals.