Welcome to Nursery.

Class Teacher – Ms  K. Mendham

Teaching Assistant – Mrs  A. Parveen

Teaching Assistant – Mrs  N. Chowdhury

Long Term Plan 2017-2018


Summer 1 2018



Our topic is


We have been learning the story of “SUPERTATO“.

The supermarket has been invaded by the Evil Peas and Supertato comes to the rescue and saves the day.

The children used real potatoes to make their own Supertato.

The children chose from a wide variety of different materials to make Supertato and the Evil peas.

They trapped the Evil Peas in jelly –  just like Supertato.

They smashed the Evil Peas with the mashers.

They invented their own traps to catch the Evil Peas.

The children wanted to become Superheroes and they had lots of ideas about how they could do this.

They found lots of ways to be CLEVER, KIND, STRONG and BRAVE.

And the Villains…..?

They got what they deserved.

We looked at work by the artist, Roy Lichtenstein.  We decided to make dotty cartoon pictures just like his.

We covered rolling pins with bubble wrap, rolled it into trays of paint and then onto paper.

The result is fantastic!

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