Our Vision and Values

At Werneth Primary School, we believe every child is entitled to the highest quality of teaching and learning and it is our aim to see Werneth Primary School develop as a centre of excellence, providing effective care and education for our children and a stimulating and rewarding environment for staff, parents and governors.

Our vision is to ensure that our children receive the very best education, realise their full potential and are prepared to become responsible and successful citizens.

From this, the following principles are embedded in our practice:

  • The need for a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum based on our understanding of child development
  • A realisation that the nature of the child must be our starting point
  • A respect for each stage in a child’s development
  • An awareness of and respect for each child’s cultural and religious background
  • A recognition of the value to be placed on effective partnerships with parents
  • The importance of developing good communication and partnerships with other agencies involved in the care and education of young children
  • The need for a clear and consistent approach to assessment and planning
  • An awareness of the importance of continuity and progression for both staff and children
  • The need for informed, skilled and confident staff working within a stable structure